September Showers

Today was text-book sunshine and showers (heavy on the showers) with the odd rainbow thrown in for good measure.  The sea was big and noisy and we watched the rain race across the channel towards us, in part to marvel and in part to time our dashes outside. As always the garden looks great after the rain, the colours seem to glow and everything looks fresh and shiny.

One of the many skills I have added to my CV since coming to Cliffe is tool sharpening.  Today whilst Hero sorted seed, trying to identify which microscopic part is the bit that matters, removing the chaff and packaging for storage, I maintained the secateurs.  It was a good job the pruning police weren’t in town as every pair was shameful, some far worse than others, covered in mud, gooed up with sap and about as sharp as I am.  So I diligently cleaned and oiled and sharpened and they are now in tip-top condition.  Of course now no one is allowed to use them.


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