Scrumptious Scrumpy

After the absurd weather of yesterday I was hoping for a calm day today, but events turned out to be far from run of the mill.   True the weather was more settled, grey and at times mizzly and the prospect of a quiet day was reinforced when Hero called to say she wouldn’t be coming in as she had an ear infection.  Poor old Hero she is off to Wisley and Hampton Court at the weekend so I hope she gets better by then.  She has got to be top of her game, alert and armed with notepad and sharpened pencil, super sleuth.  So I was all on my tod again which is fine but I worry slightly about decent into Ben Gunn mode if alone too long.

Well, as it turned out, that was not to be.  Whilst weeding the Pastel Bed this afternoon I saw a rather dodgy looking woman approaching with the handsome little fella pictured above.  Well blow me down with a feather is was only the infamous Alex, the bloggers friend, on a surprise visit from Malvern.  Not only had she brought her lovely mum, adorable Scrumpy (the dog not the drink but now there’s an idea) she had come equipped with chocolate biscuits.  Wonderful to see them all, what a treat.  I felt guilty about Hero missing out on the fun, well for while anyway.  Fond farewells and back to work.

Well, as it turned out, that was not to be.  Whilst potting on the rather dismal looking viola plugs that had arrived a familiar friend hopped up the steps; it was Lucyloo followed by Mr and Mrs Medlar Fairy bringing offerings of cake.  Now it is common knowledge that to offend a Medlar Fairy by refusing cake is not a sensible thing to do, so tea and cake it was.  This time I felt really guilty about Hero (and a little full but I was brave).

There is of course happy ending to this tale as on the way home I delivered a lovely big piece of Mulberry and Almond cake to poorly Hero, undoubtedly the best medicine.


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