Listen to the Trees

On the radio this week someone mentioned that if you put your ear to the trunk of a eucalyptus tree you can hear the water moving upwards.  Pretty amazing I thought and as we have two eucalyptus in the garden I thought I would have a go.  First of all I could hear the sea, then I covered the other ear and could hear ….. not sure really, a whooshing or gurgling or maybe even a little clanking.  So when Hero got in I insisted we did a little early morning tree hugging.  She gave me one of those looks and dutifully followed me to have a go.  Let me digress slightly, this was 9.00am and I am not sure I have ever seen anyone in the garden that early before, let alone on a rainy day in September.  Yes, you’ve guessed,  just as we were tandem hugging and listening a lone woman came around the corner.  I felt an explanation was in order as well as an invite to join the party which she duly did.  The result was a consensus that there was a noise coming from inside but we could not agree on exactly what it sounded like.  Perhaps in this multi-stem tree each stem played a different tune.  Amazing whatever and a bit of tree hugging is not a bad way to start the day. So either take my word for it, a whooshy gurgling sort of sound, or go find your own eucalyptus.


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  1. I’ll have to try this 🙂

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