Fuchsia arborescens – Lilac Fuchsia

Although the flowers on this Fuchsia arborescens are not fully out yet I liked the light in this photo, so let me have my arty five minutes.  This fuchsia originates in Mexico and is in the botanical section Schufia or fuchsias that produce their flowers in erect corymb-like panicles.  The fruit is edible and although I haven’t yet tried them from this plant I have tasted a few other species, both on my and own and with Mr and Mrs Medlar Fairy.  All I can say is don’t go out of way to try them, ok but nothing to write home about, a bit sweet then a bit peppery!  In the wild they grow as large shrubs or trees and can reach 25ft x 8ft wide but are unlikely to get that large at Cliffe, wouldn’t it be wonderful if it did?  As you would imagine as a plant from Central America it requires winter protection.  This particular plant was a gift from a visitor who noticed that we had not adequately “winter protected” our specimen and very kindly sent us one of their spare seedlings.  We do like gifts, be it cake or plant.


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