Pansy Power

Every year at the Village Flower Show we attempt to win the category for the best 5 pansy blooms (“own container may be used but will not be judged”).  This has always, in my short memory, been won by an esteemed member of the community and he always, quite unabashed and with good humour, is pleased to win the competition to find the best pansy in the village.  This year was no exception and we came an honourable second.  At Cliffe we are fans of the humble pansy and viola, strictly speaking both violas as botanically there is no such thing as a pansy.  Pansies, or Viola wittrockiana, tend to have larger flowers, grow in a sprawling manner and are usually grown as annuals.  Violas however, tend to form mounds, have more delicate flowers and a slight scent.  Both flower their pretty little socks off, give good winter/spring colour and continue off and on throughout the year, they come easily from seed and apart from the odd mollusc attack (usually pre-Village Show and undoubtedly introduced by aforementioned esteemed member) are trouble free.  Bosswoman is our No. 1 seed collector which is not as easy as it sounds as when the seed pod dries it bursts open and catapults its contents far and wide.  Its a good job she is quick off the mark!


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