Mandevilla lidl

As far a budget buys go this has been one of our best.  I bought this mandevilla last year at that highly regarded specialist nursery, Lidl, under its pseudonym Dipladenia. It not only survived the winter in a barely heated draughty greenhouse it flowered well for us again this summer.  It does however seems to be having some kind of identity crisis, it hasn’t caught on to the fact that it is supposed to a climber.   This suits us quite well as we don’t have to offer it any support and could be to do with the fact that it is a little stressed, perhaps needs repotting and was set back in the winter.  We are not sure which mandevilla it is (rare non-climbing variety prehaps) but as I was moving it from its summer vacation at the front of the house I noticed the pretty reverse of the flowers.  It has now taken up residence just outside the greenhouse in a transitory position before it returns to relative barmy comfort inside.   Native to Central and Southern America it must wonder what it has done to deserve landing up in chilly North Devon.

In the greenhouse we also have Mandevilla laxa which we have grown from seed and is currently flowering for the first time. It has pure white, scented flowers and is entwined around a rogue passion flower which has arrived from who knows where.  Very romantic.

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