Blackberry Himalayan Giant

They (not sure who “they” are but I’m sure “they” do) have stated recently that this year we had the worst summer for 20 years.  Not for me it wasn’t, that seems to have passed me by and I feel a little miffed that I have missed out on something to moan about.  Perhaps my worst is different.  I can remember plenty of sun but little watering.  There were always plenty of indoor jobs that had to be done on outdoor days (we try to avoid this but when a seedling needs pricking out there is only so long you can wait for rain).  For us it was probably the worst spring, little rain resulting in amongst other casualties, poor garlic yield, lots of time consuming watering (bare minimum you eco police) and stressed out plants.  True the tomatoes haven’t been as sweet and the yield as high as some years but we have had plenty to keep us all in sandwiches and enough left over for soup and chutney with plenty more to come.   Dare I mention the scrumptious peaches and nectarines!

September, however, has been pretty grim, I think I jinxed it with all that talk of Indian Summers.

I inherited this blackberry, Himalayan Giant which is both very vigorous and very prickly.  When you are buying a plant for the fruit garden why would you look at that description and think “that’s the one for us”?  OK it is also a heavy cropper but let me just reiterate – very prickly and attempting world domination!



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2 responses to “Blackberry Himalayan Giant

  1. Bosswoman

    Oh goody – any left?

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