The Tomato Oscars

Earl of Edgecombe, Marmande, Yellow Stuffer

Cummulus, Ailsa Craig, Gardeners Delight, Sungold

San Marzano, Christls Plum, Ildi

As mentioned earlier in the year we have grown many different varieties of tomatoes this year and those that are photogenic at the moment are pictured above.  We have had an end of season de-briefing session in which we assessed performance, disease resistance, yield and yummyness.  Of course we didn’t agree, but after hardened debate long into the tea break and an arm wrestling competition, the votes are now in and the awards are as follows:

Best for Taste Joint winners Pink Brandywine and Sungold
Best for Sarnies Ailsa Craig
Best Greenhouse Snack Sungold
Prettiest Salad Earl of Edgecombe/Marmande
Largest Number of Fruit on one Truss Ildi
Juiciest Marmande
Most Disappointing Yellow Stuffer
Heaviest Crop Yellow Stuffer (unfortunately)
And finally the most important category:
Ability to produce amusing shaped fruit Ildl

I would like to thank the comfrey tea that gave them extra goodness, the french marigolds that helped keep the white fly at bay, the bees and other insects that pollinated the flowers and all those that watered, trained and loved our tomatoes this year.  Now we had better start planning next years crop ……



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3 responses to “The Tomato Oscars

  1. hero

    did i win the arm wrestling then?

  2. Bosswoman

    Now we have a record which can be compared to next year and then to the next year and…..
    Our phone is broken – no incoming calls but we can phone out which means we might never have found out until the handset in the sitting room kept making funny noises last night. Orange are supposedly on the case.

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