Salvia fulgens – Cardinal Sage

Well apparently it is on the way, yes, after all our wishing and wailing our Indian Summer will apparently arrive next week.  As this is the last week the garden is open to the public it seems fitting to go out with a bang.  The Met Office (and who am I to argue with the Met Office) predict 25c on Thursday and sun all week, yippee! Perhaps the shorts will come out for one last time, look out North Devon!

The whole garden, including the gardeners, will enjoy this late season refuelling, every last ray of sun will be appreciated as we head towards the winter gloom.  None need it more than this fantastic Mexican salvia.  I have been waiting to get a good picture of this plant as it has been very slow to get going this year and even now I haven’t done it justice.  It has struggled after barely making it through last winter and appears to be less hardy than the equally spectacular Salvia involucrata which is in top form at the moment. The epithet fulgens means shining which describes how the red hairs on the flowers hold the dew and sparkle in the morning light.   It is also known as Salvia cardinalis which refers to its rich carmine flowers.  Who could resist these furry scarlet flowers that are eminently strokable?  Now all we’ve got to do is get it through the coming winter.



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2 responses to “Salvia fulgens – Cardinal Sage

  1. hero

    this one and other furry salvias get the thumbs up from me…please dont tell me i have to defuzz this late in the summer??!!

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