Gates – Deja vu

We had a double déjà vu in the garden today.

Firstly, it was the last day we open to the public this year. It was another wonderful day and the garden is looking pretty good for the end of September.  Not one single person came to visit, not even the sneaky non-payers, not even the “I’ll just have a quick look and come back later” folk.  Just like the beginning of our season, 1 April, nobody was interested.  But are we deflated?  Quite frankly I haven’t got the energy to care.

Secondly, Bossman returned from his early morning jaunt to the village with “good news” and “bad news”.  Both were the same, he had accosted tree surgeons working in the village and arranged a delivery of wood chip for later in the afternoon. For those of you not familiar with our set up this involves dumping it at the gate/in the road and us barrowing it into the garden.  Perfect Friday afternoon, hottest September day since the beginning of the world, fare.  Anyway they got their truck stuck, God bless them, yes again, just like the last lot, blocking the road and burning out their clutch.  After what seemed like an age undertaking various bizarre and progressively desperate activities which involved reinforcements (hats off to Damage and lone stranger), bouncing up and down on the back of a truck, pushing, grit, cursing etc it was rescued.  We then had to move all the chippings into the garden and luckily for us the Damage gang stayed to help.  Our sweepstake guessing how many barrows it would entail was won by Bossman who changed his mind four times so should have been disqualified but then he is the Bossman so anything you say Boss. Bosswoman arrived with a cool bag of delights for our refreshment, perfect timing.

Damage we salute you.

So the garden is definitely closed to all visitors.  Well except those who ask nicely for a quick look.  And friends.  And wedding proposers.   So what do I think?  A bit sad and a bit glad.  Looking forward to being better and braver next season. There are eggs to be cracked and omelettes to be made, upwards and onwards!


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