Canna “Louis Cottin”

Today was my first day in the garden since we closed to the public last week.  It is always a bit of culture shock and a time of mixed feelings as I enjoy meeting and chatting to the visitors, many who are very knowledgeable and generous with their knowledge.  However it is also a huge relief not to be on constant show and be able do some of the back room jobs.

When I arrived this morning I noticed another first – the Canna “Louis Cottin” was flowering for the first time this year.  They are very late, I would imagine due to a combination of hard winter and dry spring, but better late than never.   They looked beautiful surrounded by self sown Verbena bonariensis with the rising sun shining through the copper coloured flowers.   Standing proud in the warm, clear autumnal light, it was almost as if they were waiting until the coast was clear to show off their beauty in the privacy of a closed garden.

Later the mist rolled in, the mizzle started and all was back to normal.  It’s all over, it’s all beginning.

I did manage have a good private sing-song in woods before the rain started.



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2 responses to “Canna “Louis Cottin”

  1. Alex

    You were singing and then it rained!
    Just a coincidence then.

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