The B’s are Back inTown

We have had a summer free of badger shenanigans on the top lawn.  That was until last week and they have returned with a vengeance.  Myself and Bossman tempted fate by discussing how the badgers had been mainly on the bottom lawn this year.  This morning there were at least a dozen areas of rips and holes of varying sizes and depths.  I dutifully walked the lawn stuffing the soil back in and, if still in one piece, topping with the toupee like the circles of turf.  I felt a little like those poor beggars who have to walk the course replacing the divots after horse races, that is without the fear of twenty steeds coming around the corner at 50 miles an hour.  Apparently these holes are called snuffle holes, they are looking for worms, leatherjackets and other grubs.  Although it looks a bit of a mess it doesn’t seem to cause any long term damage and in fact many of their prey are considered garden pests.    I did wonder if they were digging up the miner bee larvae.   They are making the most of the food supply at the moment, putting on weight for the lean winter months.  For this reason and the fact that the damp weather will bring the worms close to the surface, I am expecting there to have been a similar feeding frenzy tonight. More divoting in the morning.


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One response to “The B’s are Back inTown

  1. Bosswoman

    I don’t know, if it’s not deer, it’s badgers.

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