Hold the Front Page!

Myself and Hero were having a very pleasant day.  The forecasted rain hadn’t materialised and the sun had come out to lift our mood further after the last few dreary days.  We were weeding and mulching, using both the wood chippings delivered to us on Friday (less worthy or previously composted areas) and last year’s lovely leaf mould (high dependency neglected areas).  The pressure is on to use the leaf mould which has reached the peak of its delicious crumbliness, as leaf collecting will begin very soon and we need to empty the bins.  As I worked I ran through some ideas for today’s blog – “the benefits of leaf mould”, “mulching techniques”, “wheelbarrows I have known”, all entertaining and enthralling subjects I’m sure you will agree.  So off I trundled with the wheelbarrow up to the woodland bin to mulch the Family Border.  I was having a good nosy around, checking out the Hydrangea petiolaris and the Woodardia radicans and it then dawned on me that something was not as it should be.  The path was totally blocked just feet from the bin.  I know sometimes I walk around in a dream but I’m sure I would have noticed it earlier in the week. It soon became obvious that a large bough had broken off the oak tree standing above on the bank and had smashed into a mature camellia ripping half of it off in the process.  It was a very windy night which had continued into the day, I don’t think it had been long down.  Although it is a nuisance and has made a big mess, the main thing is that no one was hurt.  What we need now is a friendly chainsaw man.



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3 responses to “Hold the Front Page!

  1. Bossman

    Thanks for the photo! A big branch – check the rest of the tree for safety too.

  2. Bosswoman

    I regret the non-appearance of “wheelbarrows I have known” – perhaps another time?

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