Friendly Chainsaw Man

You will be relieved to hear that we found a friendly chainsaw man to sort out our fallen oak bough.  If it is necessary to find a man with a chainsaw it is preferable that he is friendly.  Of course our first option always is to reach for the Baz phone and call Super Baz.  Luckily he wasn’t undertaking any superhuman activities in another part of the universe and could come today to sort out our dilemma.  We had a busy but fun day with Baz in sole charge of chainsawing and making neat piles of logs. Hero and myself were in charge of dragging large branches down though the garden for shredding later.  The oak was very rotten in the centre and we will have to get the tree surgeons to do an assessment on the rest of the tree when they come later in the year.  Although it will be very sad to lose the whole tree it will be far better to have a controlled demise than the risk of it falling at any time and on any one.

Super Baz also give “the gals” a master class in chainsaw sharpening and strimmer maintenance, one of his super powers is super patience.

Later in the day the work was inspected by Josh, as a champion stick collector he thought that all his Christmas’ had come at once.


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