Buddleja x weyeriana “Sungold” – Butterfly Bush

Another group of plants that get short shrift on the publicity front are the buddlejas.  They are associated with wasteland and derelict buildings, often growing out of inaccessible walls and gutters posing tricky maintenance problems.  The plant in question is generally Buddleja davidii, a Chinese introduction, prolific self seeder and lover of dry poor conditions.  In war-time Britain it came to be known as the bombsite plant, quickly taking advantage of the rubble and colonising the detritus.  But whereas the similarly opportunist poppy thriving in the battlefields of Flanders became a positive symbol for regeneration, the buddleja is often considered an annoyance and a pest.  However to the butterflies of this country and therefore all butterfly lovers they are a godsend, providing a copious and irresistable nectar source for a substantial percentage of the year.   Buddleja x weyeriana “Sungold” is a cross between a South American species Buddleja globosa and the much maligned Buddleja davidii from Asia.  This hybrid with its buttercup yellow fragrant flowers will blossom from late spring until the frosts eventually nip it in the bud.  It is named after the nurseryman and pioneering breeder Mr W Van de Weyer who created the hybrid in 1914 at his nursery in Corfe in Dorset.  The cultivar “Sungold” was developed in the Netherlands in the 1960’s.



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3 responses to “Buddleja x weyeriana “Sungold” – Butterfly Bush

  1. Alex

    Cutting please!

    May delivery! 😉

  2. Bosswoman

    Thank you, as ever, for the education. Have I ever noticed this plant? – the background of the photo shows me exactly where it is.

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