Anisodontea capensis – Cape Mallow

This lovely little shrub has done well for us this year.  It was one of those freak purchases found in a highly unlikely place at a highly desirable price, a case of being in the right place at the right time.  The shop in question is a large warehouse in which you can buy anything from baking trays to windscreen wiper blades and a lot in between, it also has a small garden centre attached.  This garden centre is always worth a look as you can find some gems amongst the dyed heathers (second only on my aversion list to ornamental cabbages).  This plant had been on my wish list (wish book actually but that sounds greedy) for a while and I was amazed last autumn to find a specimen amongst the pansies.  It has not had a winter outside yet as we kept it indoors until spring and this year we have rooted two tiny cuttings to keep safe in the greenhouse.  We planted it in the Med Bed which is the area most likely to keep it happy in the garden, well-drained and about as much sun as we can muster.  In the wild it makes up part of the fynbos flora of South Africa, a shrubby heathland which is an important area of plant diversity and tends to have dry summers and winter wet.  The small pink mallow like flowers are not show stoppers but have bloomed consistently all summer and into autumn.  It shows it pays to keep your eyes open!



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2 responses to “Anisodontea capensis – Cape Mallow

  1. Bosswoman

    Your are a true descendant of the 18th and 19th century plant hunters, you know.

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