Upstairs Downstairs

Had a very successful day, if not a little on the damp side, weeding and mulching with our lovely new woodchip.  This picture shows the beginning of my decent into the assault course that is known as Cliffe Gardens.  I was on my way to the Fuchsia bed which is at the far end of the bottom path.  This particular journey involved travelling down the flight of steps pictured then sharp right (avoid hydrangea), sharp left down two steps (using gully in top step to full advantage), straight for 1 metre down another step, sharp right down one step, along 3 metres, up one step, along 20 metres, down 4 steps (careful of wobbly top stone), along 2 metres, down 1 step, sharp right up 2 steps (for some reason twice as tall as the rest) and so we arrive.  In theory at the end you should have approximately the same amount of contents in the barrow as at the start of the course.  This was repeated many times throughout the day.  Of course it could have been a lot worse with the chippings being at the bottom of the garden and the border at the top, I should be pleased for small mercies.  Myself and Hero have discussed the possibility of holding the world wheelbarrow championships in the garden, obviously to coincide with a large delivery of chippings.  We would obviously have an unfair advantage so could not compete.  Our job would be adjudication, sitting in deck chairs drinking pina coladas from our vantage point.  Bossman could have the starter gun, Bosswoman the chequered flag.  Sorted.



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3 responses to “Upstairs Downstairs

  1. hero

    not too keen on pina colada..stick to rose turn tomorrow with the wheelbarrow then?

  2. Bosswoman

    I want to be in on the pina coladas

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