Cotinus coggygria “Royal Purple” – Smoke Bush

Although officially the garden is closed until April we had group visit today. I had also promised, rashly perhaps, a guided tour.  The obscure and involved connection between myself and this group is a combination of my GP and my brother (not however my GP brother).  It had been arranged in the spring and like most things more than a week away seemed like a good idea, after all the garden would surely be finished by the end of the summer (gardening joke ha ha!).  It doesn’t take a genius to realise that all things considered, fallen trees, torrential rains, fast approaching holiday and end of season apathy, this morning I was beginning to doubt my judgement.  Well I had no need for doubt, it was a very good idea.  They were great fun, interesting and interested, I remembered most of the plants that were asked after and Hero put in her two pennyworth to help things along.  In order to avoid any unseemly or prosecutable behaviour from these dignified ladies, I informed them that seed heads had been left on plants specifically for their delectation; we had taken what we needed, please help yourself.  Cuttings could also be taken.  Kids in candy shop.  Candy shop manageress very happy.  I certainly wouldn’t dream of calling them marauding locusts.



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2 responses to “Cotinus coggygria “Royal Purple” – Smoke Bush

  1. mum

    You didnt tell me anything about the Smoke bush. You might just as well have had a picture of the visitors especially whist they were helping themselves to seeds and cuttings.

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