Interlude No. 1 – Impatiens sodenii

This Busy Lizzy on steroids can grow to 1.5m and comes from Western Australia.   It enjoys moist and shady conditions and is frost tender.  It is an invasive pest in New Zealand as not only does it layer itself it has explosive seed pods.  These seed pods give rise to its name, impatiens means impatient in latin, which are prone to explosion at the slightest touch.  The Himlayan balsam is a relative and can project seed up to 7m.  This plant was introduced as an ornamental in 1839 at the same time as japannese knotweed and giant hogweed, all of which escaped to become pests in this country. That botanist was certainly having a good year!  This Impatiens sodenii is one that we grew from seed, ours did not survive the winter however the Rodgersia Queen returned hers as, quite frankly, she didn’t like it.



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3 responses to “Interlude No. 1 – Impatiens sodenii

  1. Bosswoman

    I thought we’d be without your blog for longer.

  2. mum

    So did I. Good thing I checked, do you do it by remote control or have you come home early? Anyway it was a nicesurprise.

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