Back to Reality?

It was a perfect morning to return to work after 10 days break in Edinburgh.  Clear, sharp and silent, not another human in sight.  Although not what I would call a particularly restful visit I was feeling refreshed and curious to see what had been happening in the garden.  It is half term and I met Holiday Cat on his way down the hill after his early morning jaunt in the garden.  If I had not bumped into him on my way to work I would have had a clue he was in town.  It didn’t take Miss Marple to link the dead shrew presented at the potting shed door to our ocassional visitor.  There was more “nature raw in tooth and claw” on the lawn which had used as a plucking site for some unfortunate, perhaps an oyster catcher, by a bird of prey, probably the peregrine.

After a quick inspection I came to the conclusion that Hero had done an annoyingly fine job of keeping the home fires burning.  There are a few things that have happened whilst I was away including:

  • a proposal
  • an acceptance
  • a big badger shindig
  • a deer feeding frenzy
  • leaves, millions everywhere except on trees
  • lots of late blooming flowers including the above Hedychium greenii.

Later my ideal world came to an abrupt end as the rain arrived with a vengeance.  Just as well I’ve got new stripy wellies.


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One response to “Back to Reality?

  1. mum

    Welcome home. Looking forward to seeing the stripey wellies. Pleased to know that Hero did well looking after the garden in your absence,perhaps you could get her to do the Blog next time you are away?

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