Mystery No. 1

Today’s weather forecast was plain and simple, rain then more rain.  Well this time the Met Office were spot on and that is exactly what it did until late afternoon.  Myself and Hero are made of stern stuff but are not stupid so we flitted between greenhouse and potting shed dissected by many trips to the compost heaps.  We were obviously well kitted out in our finest and most glamorous waterproofs, there is no excuse for sloppy appearance in the garden you never know when Johnny Depp may visit (thank goodness I am in charge of the camera!). We spent most of the day removing the remnants and reminders of the summer from the greenhouse, things we have been optimistically clinging onto in the delusional hope that more cucumbers/tomatoes/even melons would be produced.  The remaining green and greenish tomatoes were picked and the rest composted.  The “cuckoo” passion flower was chopped back and unravelled from the Mandevilla revealing just how much it had grown this year, none the worse for its enthusiastic partner.  The display of inherited “dull dull dull” plants that we have been gradually “recycling” was reduced by a couple more pots leaving space for something more attractive.  The guilt seems diminished when we cull one by one.

On a return trip from the bottom compost bin this frothing Pittosporum tenuifolium caught my eye.  Curious.  Any ideas?


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