This Year’s Model


Today marked the inaugural launch of the brand new hedge trimmer attachment to our Stihl.  The garden has mixed hedge/trees/brambles that runs 100m down the road and it, as these things tend to do, grows getting in the way of lorries that have been inappropriately guided up the hill by their stat navs.  We have in the past depended on a local man with his antique tractor fitted with equally ancient flailer, or butcherer as I like to call it, to cut the road hedge.  Finesse did not come into the equation and he didn’t even clear up after himself.  It therefore made perfect sense to invest in our own equipment and do it ourselves.  Bossman was chief trimmer and I was chief pointer outer of bits missed and executive raker.  It was a decision well made as it worked well and ensured a good work-out to boot.

When you work outside for a living there can be fewer treats than when the forecast says rain and the opposite occurs, as happened today.  Well that and when the Bossman buys you a new go-faster wheelbarrow with matching red wheels and handles.



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2 responses to “This Year’s Model

  1. mum

    Does it mean that now you have a go faster wheelbarrow that you will now go faster? Or is it a look at me I have a new wheelbarrow?

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