Fuchsia fulgens

This is one of my favorite late flowerers in the garden.  Fuchsia fulgens is one of the three members of the Ellobium section of fuchsias.  It hales from the central highlands in Mexico where it grows either as a lithophyte (growing on rocks feeding off moss and rainwater nutrients) or an epiphyte (non parasitic, just hitching a ride) in the forks of trees.  It is tender but with us has survived under a blanket of bracken for the past three winters.  Elegant long red calyx tubes with pointed lobes fade to green, underneath of which scarlet petals form the underskirt.  If you look closely these give us enough clues for the family likeness to be discernible.

We have two specimens in the garden; one in the midst of the Road Bank and one outside the main gate.  The one outside the main gate was squashed when the tree surgeons got their truck stuck.  At the time, although wincing, I thought it prudent not to ask them to watch out for the plant.  It has perked up substantially and I’m sure will recover and continue to give passersby a talking point, hopefully enticing them into the garden.


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  1. Bosswoman

    You concealed your anxiety unbelievably well at the time. Nerves of steel.

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