Paradise Lost

Today I arrived at work to find that some “kind soul” had jemmied the door to the potting shed.  On further inspection I found they had stolen all the power tools and a jerry can of petrol.  Please feel free at this point to fill in your own expletive deletives.  So it became a day of phone calls to police, neighbourhood watch co-ordinators, CSI, bosspeople, other village victims and of course my mum.  Now I feel a bit frazzled.  Big love to Damage for all their support, coffee, biscuits and pumpkin soup.  The good guys always win in the end.



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6 responses to “Paradise Lost

  1. Betsy

    Thanks for the mention. Still can’t really believe it happened. You can always find refuge with us – anytime. Let’s hope there is a sequel, Paradise Regained. xB

  2. Alex

    There are some real barstewards about!
    Hope the Police get them.

  3. mum

    I am pleased to know that you have good friends to turn to. Thankfully no one was hurt and they didnt pinch your wellies.

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