Red Mushroom

This year we have had a great variety of fungi growing on the lawn, diverse in colour, size and shape.  They seem to each take their turn in a well-ordered manner with one type appearing over night then vanishing a few days later.  These are then replaced by a completely different variety and the process repeats.  Sometimes there are three different species fruiting at the same time, sometimes just one.  It certainly is a benefit of the autumnal weather and whilst this mild spell lasts I expect them to continue in all their glory.  I have little to zero knowledge of these interesting organisms and although I have tried to look this one up I am still none the wiser.  As I am not planning to eat it I’m not sure it really matters, I have enough problems remembering the names of the plants.  Hopefully one day a fungologist (no I haven’t made that word up) will come to the garden and give me a masterclass.

One day in the summer two young men made a cheeky shortcut through the garden carrying a large mushroom that they had found on their walk. When they came across myself and Bosswoman they told us that although they weren’t sure what it was they were going to eat it.  We suggested that this was perhaps not the most sensible thing to do but they insisted.  I hope they were lucky.


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