Lone Azalea

It was a very satisfying day in the garden today, catching up with the neglected jobs and pushing on with some ongoing ones. We started with fruit tree pruning in the greenhouse.  According to the “books” this should have been finished a month ago but better late than never; hopefully.  I lopped and chopped whilst Hero cleaned mealy bugs off with a toothbrush and tidied fallen leaves.  Then on to the first shredding session of the season thanks to Bosswoman’s prep efforts yesterday.  We have built up quite a stock of shredding material due to the fallen oak and associated damaged camellia.  Our faithful shredder, redundant since the spring, started second pull reinforcing our admiration.  To make it feel loved we sprayed WD40 into delicate areas, topped up with petrol (the little left after the bad guys’ visit) and off we went.  Then leaf raking.  Then border tidying and mulching with the freshly made shreddings.  This all kept us warm and the rain stayed off until late in the afternoon.  At the end of the day, on my return to the potting shed, I felt a familiar pair of eyes on me, yes it was the Harris Hawk in the adjacent sycamore safe from the bullying jackdaws, I greeted him and off he flew.

This lone azalea flower is a forerunner of spring’s display.  Perhaps another anomaly due to the mild weather.


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