Miscanthus sinensis “Zebrinus” – Zebra Grass

Miscanthus sinensis “Zebrinus” is most notable for its yellow horizontal stripes along the length of its bright green leaves.  Admittedly this is an attractive feature, but to me the best thing about this plant is the crimped creamy pink flower spikes which appear in late summer and linger throughout the dark months.  Originating in eastern asia it is hardy and trouble free.  In late winter, after it has provided some structure over the barren season, we will cut it down to the ground just as the new shoots begin to show.  It is approximately 2m tall and stands alone and magnificent at the edge of the Tennis Court Lawn where yesterday it was buffeted by the first of the winter gales.  Although blown almost double it bounced back and forth without damage.  When I was a little girl some of my contemporaries had their hair tied in rags at night in order to produce a similar effect and I was always slightly envious.  My dear mama, in her great wisdom, thought I was more suited to the pudding basin look.


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One response to “Miscanthus sinensis “Zebrinus” – Zebra Grass

  1. mum

    It was a nice pudding basin!

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