New Welly Test Drive

If there was a day when wellies were a necessity it certainly was today.  Luckily, thanks to a benevolent benefactor, I have a lovely new pair.  Very natty, I’m sure you will agree, and my feet were warm as toast and dry as a bone which is a great improvement on my last welly boots (thanks to BB for photo shoot).

Not much to be done outside in torrential rain but I did manage to pick over our pots of various bulbs that had become a bit weedy, some of which are already beginning to poke their noses out – “too early!” I shout “get back down!”. They include tulips (small species mainly), various muscari, Fritillaria uva vulpis, Dichelostemma ida-maia, Anemone blanda and assorted crocus.  We keep these in pots for two main reasons.  The first is that we can either bury them in the borders or place at strategic places around the garden when they are at their best and retire them to the home for past it bulbs after they have peaked.  The second is that it offers some kind of protection from the darned voles who like nothing better than to munch their way through your spring display before they have had a chance to shine.

I also managed a major sweep out of the potting shed (I even moved furniture) and borrowed Bossman’s mini hoover to remove the worst of the cobwebs (I was a little disconcerted when the Crime Scene Investigator screamed when she saw them).  Both myself and the hoover ran out of battery power before long so I delved into the seed box and daydreamed of spring days to come.


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  1. mum

    You have a scintilating life dont you! Cobwebs,, voles etc. etc. By the way the wellies look super.

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