December Morning

It was inevitable that this day would come.  I was holding out for as long as I could manage but today I crumbled under the pressure and wore my long johns for the first time this season.  Yesterday I got really cold, a combination of wet and a few degrees drop in the temperature and even star jumps couldn’t shift the misery.  The memory of this discomfort lingered long enough for an extra layer to be included in my morning dressing.  This sudden shock seems to happen every year and as the weather gets colder and the season progresses I seem to get more tolerant, it is just a while before I toughen up from my summer softy persona.  Although we have been frost free so far (I know we are standing on the precipice), it feels today that autumn has left us and winter is in the ascendant.  It is dark when I leave for work and dark when I return.  This is how it should be, we need a dormant period.  The plants need it (within reason) and so do the gardeners (definitely within reason).  As long as we are prepared there is no need for concern.  We are prepared aren’t we?


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One response to “December Morning

  1. nicest dutch person you know

    Fab photo on my birthday, catching the mood.
    Wheather here turned cold and showery. I am looking out the window and see a severly pruned tree form neighbours – he left a few ‘hairs’ on it to make it look less bald but tree looks like a sad old man now. And one garden down I think they are chopping a veru big hazel. Hope not all the way down.

    Where’s Peggy’s comments?

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