Harris Honey Trap

A wild and wonderful day and I’m not just talking about the weather.

The tree surgeons arrived first thing with a full load of wood chippings and Hero, Bossman and myself shovelled and barrowed 79 loads (Hero won the sweepstake with a guess at 80) to make a small mountain range on the lawn.  This kept us warm and a few layers of clothing were discarded along the way.  The lads got on with their monkey business and as usual did an admirable and, more importantly, safe job especially as they had to contend with high winds, rain and finding themselves in the middle of a bird hunt.

Harris has been up to mischief again.  He is prime suspect in both the disappearance of a guinea fowl and the death of a cockerel.  He was also caught attacking one of Damages favorite chickens, so enough is enough and Barry the Birdman was called in again.  This time he brought something extra with him in order to tempt him down, the very beautiful female Harris Hawk, Kerry.  It was fantastic to hold her, I was mesmerised, I may have felt differently if I was a chicken.  Unfortunately Harris didn’t fancy Kerry in slightest and was marginally more excited by a half frozen pheasant, but not for long enough to be caught.  He is therefore still at large and Plan C will be put into place, watch this space.

So our normally peaceful woods were like Piccadilly Circus today – 3 tree surgeons with 3 chainsaws, 1 birdman with frozen pheasant, 2 Harris hawks and the occasional visit of a curious gardener.



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3 responses to “Harris Honey Trap

  1. Lucy Fur

    I would offer to be Plan C but I’ve already lost a leg, can’t afford to lose another…

  2. medlarfairy

    Plan C: suggest to Harris that the Medlar Fairy might well like some of his beautiful feathers – nay, his entire wings! – for smudging, unless he stops killing the local livestock.

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