Seed Sorting

We were confined to barracks for most of today mainly due to the driving rain but backed up by gale force winds.  So we spent a happy/obsessive couple of hours sorting the amassed seed mountain that we had collected over the summer and autumn.  To be honest the main reason for doing this was not that they needed to be stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment but because we needed a place to put the Christmas Tree.  We had meant to send some off to the Hardy Plant Society for distribution but for reasons vague and probably involving “forgetting” “inertia” and “has October finished” we didn’t.  So we had piles of drying seed (itself a problem in damp land), mostly unsorted or processed, some with mislaid labels (Hero do you recognise this miniscule black dot as anything in particular?), generally far more than we need.  So it was good gardener, bad gardener time and I will leave it to you to guess which of us carefully extracted every seed to be bagged up and who tossed many into the compost bin saying “we have enough of these”.  There can be no argument that these tiny pieces of potential are worth collecting, sorting and storing until next spring when they will provide us with the same joy that their parents provided this year.  Tip from the top, on a day like today it is probably not the best idea to open the potting shed door to attempt to delicately blow the chaff from the seed.  I am still picking them from my teeth.



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2 responses to “Seed Sorting

  1. medlarfairy

    Maybe you could blow some o’ those seed my way, given that our builders have dumped all their rubble on the bed I spent so much time on last year!! My heart is breaking 😦

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