Sofa So Good!

Thanks to our lovely neighbours at Damage we have acquired a sofa in the potting shed. This is very exciting, the anticipation of which has prompted many lunchtime conversations.  Our interior design style is what we like to call part Borrower part Womble, a very good look in my opinion – tiny, useful and furry.  As you can see it is very flowery, which is appropriate, and very comfortable.  The downside is that it  may exacerbate the “getting off one’s backside and going out into the cold after lunch” problems.  I expect the mice will move in, feasting on all the crumbs we are bound to drop down the sides, mushrooms will grow on it is as it so damp, but hey ho if it gets too much we can recycle it.  It was going to the tip on the way.


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One response to “Sofa So Good!

  1. mum

    I am sure that the sofa fits in nicely with the rest of the potting shed!!!!! Now what about the greenhouse?

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