Calendula “Nova”

On midwinter’s day we traditionally undertake a flower count in the garden.  This encompasses everything we can get away with (we always push our luck and have to disqualify ourselves) including grasses and weeds (although I prefer to call them wild flowers).  Last year we didn’t even bother looking as we had been frozen solid and under snow for a couple of weeks.  So far this winter has been very different and as yet we are frost free, I sincerely hope I am not tempting fate.  We are therefore a little more optimistic about getting a good head count but an awful lot can change even overnight.  With little more than a week to go we have started looking out for fattening buds and sussing out potential candidates.  Rodgersia Queen also has a count in her garden and we compare results, in a purely scientific non-competitive way, naturally.  This year RQ and her Gallant Knight have been in the wars and will perhaps have more important things on their minds than scrabbling about in the vegetation hunting for allusive blooms.  This plucky Calendula “Nova” is still valiantly flowering at the moment but whether or not it will be next week is another matter.  All will be revealed very soon.


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