Antirrhinum majus “Royal Bride” – Snapdragon

Sitting in the potting shed listening to the weather outside myself and Hero discussed the summer just gone.  Hero said that she couldn’t remember it, that it seemed a long way away.  Luckily I had a memory saved in a special place for a moment such as this.

It was a beautiful morning and Hero was working on the greenhouse beds.  I picked two ripe peaches, warm from the sun, and together we sat on the low brick wall eating them, our backs being gently toasted, silently enjoying these perfect fruit.  In the midst of winter we must remember this moment, I thought, we will need it.  I’m glad I did as it still had enough fuel in it to both warm my toes and my heart.

This Antirrhinum majus “Royal Bride” is pictured because not only is it still flowering in the depths of winter but like my memory is a relic from the summer past.


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  1. mum

    Your new blog format will take a bit of getting used to but I think it will grow on me! The flower is beautiful.

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