Helleborus x hybridus “Blue Lady” – Lenten Rose

To most gardeners there is a Top Ten of things that make us feel good, brings a smile to our face and even on the odd occasion make us jump up and down.  In my case the Top of the Pops has to be when a special seed germinates but a very close second is the sight of a nice fine plump bud.  Full of promise, before slug or snail has nibbled it or drought has made it drop; potential of perfection in a nugget.  This Lenten Rose is in theory a little early but these buds, nestled snugly at the base of last years leaves, will wait until they are ready to bloom.

After our wildly hedonistic day (thank you for lovely word Bossman) yesterday we have worked very hard today and as it was also very mild much stripping off was done.  Our itinerary involved of course more tidying and mulching but also involved some planting.  I removed the dead Lonicera nitida from the Winter Garden and replaced it with the Hamemelis unknownis that I leapt on in the bargain bin at BJ’s a couple of weeks ago.  Hero planted out some Lilium “Landini” in the BLN, they are meant to be dark red, almost black, my money is on red almost dark red, but we will see.

We were visited by Roy and Pat this afternoon which was a treat.  I gave Roy his birthday card that the burglars had opened and slung on the floor.  I told him that there had been a £50 note in it.  He didn’t believe me but he did laugh at the joke on the card.  I have to work on my image.


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