The Glade

When Superbaz came to clear the fallen oak bough a few weeks ago he did a couple of other bits and pieces while his chainsaw was running, so to speak.  One of these jobs was to coppice a hazel and chop back a Rhododendron ponticum (boo hiss!) which were causing the Kalmia latifolia to lean forward awkwardly.  A few cuts and “just a bit more off there, perhaps a little here”, and a trim became a short back and sides.  A large clearing or, as I like to call it in my more romantic moments, a glade was formed.  This opens out directly from the pathway and allows one to step into the woods without straying too far from the path.  We are hoping to transplant our Cardiocrinum giganteum, grown from seed and which we have been nurturing for the last few years, where we will be able to keep our beady eyes on them and hopefully protect them from those pesky molluscs.  It also seems an ideal position for some sort of seating.  Unfortunately an earlier “cunning plan” to hide a pile of stones in there when the new summer house steps were built (“no one will see them tucked in behind the bamboo”) has been thwarted.  This is easily remedied by marketing it as an ancient druid’s burial place or King Arthur or some infamous local wrecker.  No one will be the wiser and when Superbaz needs a stone or two there will be plenty close at hand.  Perfect!


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  1. Alex

    Looks like the makings of another stone circle!

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