1.  I shall not lose my trowel/hand fork/gloves/mind in the compost bin.

2.  I shall walk past the bargain bin in the garden centre, at least once anyway.

3a  I shall endeavour not to completely morph into the Wild Woman of Cliffe, sophistication is to be my new middle name.

3b I shall try not to be covered in mud approximately 10 minutes after arriving in the garden.

4.  I shall practice my cartwheels.

5.  I shall not drop my phone/camera into substances or onto surfaces detrimental to their health.

6.  I shall not sigh when another visitor asks me “is that a turntable” or “what’s happening to the hotel?” or asks why the blue flower in their garden is not doing well.

7.  I shall not eat all the strawberries and pretend it was the deer.

8. I shall keep my secateurs sharp and well oiled and not use them for digging up roots/levering off lids/stirring the tea or other such tasks that Mr Felco would disapprove of.

9.  I shall look around me at least once every day and remind myself how lucky I am.

10. I shall not worry and shall be happy.

And I hope that you all have a fabulous and fun, peaceful and fulfilling 2012.  Onwards and upwards!



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10 responses to “Resolutions

  1. nicest dutch person you know

    What’s going to happen to the hotel?

    Did that lead tot a note of a ‘well done’ in your notebook to keep track of your successes each day?

  2. mum

    I am once more fully blogged and no longer isolatedfro the gardening world.Thankyou Christopher. Happy New Year.

  3. Bossman

    So that is what happened to all the strawberries – and we’ve been maligning Bambi all these months!

  4. hero

    good list!! day one and how many have you broken?! cant wait till weds got withdrawal symtoms! wish it would stop raining tho…

  5. Alan Bannister

    No 10 – and you add a little to the happiness of all your followers as well (that’s resolution No. 10 of course, not Downing Street!). No more stressing you out with questions about my holly and at least things are moving at the Old Maid’s Cottage even if not at the hotel!

    Sorry you weren’t around when we were in Lee, but see you before long I hope.

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