Freedom Friday

Dependent on the wind direction and what I have for tea on a Thursday we occasionally have something that is known as Freedom Friday.  This is a day when you are allowed to do whatever you want.  Well, not quite “whatever” but “whatever” as designated within the parameters as set by the committee, which is me.  What it really means is that Hero can choose to work on anything in the garden, anything that has been niggling her or making her skin itch rather than what I have planned for her.  What it means for me is that I can do whatever I want and not what my conscience tells me I should be doing, sometimes they are the same thing – often they are not.  Today was not a fully fledged FF as I invented a couple of new rules – before anarchy ensued we must first undertake a couple of challenges.  Firstly we had to clear brambles for an hour and secondly we had to shift some of the tree surgeon’s detritus by hauling the large branches to the middle compost area and launching them off the slope hopefully landing at the bonfire site below whilst we remained at the top.  Well these missions were undertaken efficiently and we were released from our burden to express our true selves.  Hero did weeding, I did planting.

This Leucadendron “Safari Sunset” is flowering at the moment.  The weather today was a total turn around from the rest of the week, calm and warm and if I was a Leucadendron I’m sure I would want to flower as well.



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4 responses to “Freedom Friday

  1. hero

    need more fridays in a week…but no…love most jobs in the garden!!!

  2. Bosswoman

    I had wondered whether ‘swmbo’ was right for your Christmas present but this has confirmed my instinct.

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