Rubus cockburnianus – White Stemmed Bramble

Rubus cockburnianus, sounds fancy but in reality it is just an albino blackberry. In fairness perhaps a little more sophisticated, but only just.  It originated in China and introduced into this country in 1907 where as in its country of origin, and as would be expected in this family of rogues, it forms impenetrable thickets.  There are some positive points, in winter its new stems take on a white bloom and its arching stems make a fine show.  But this wicked White Witch is as brutal as any bramble, rooting where the stems touch the ground and thereby marching its barbed way across the garden.  It has saucer shaped and unremarkable purple flowers if left unpruned, which are followed by unpalatable black fruit.  In order to ensure fresh young and thereby more attractive growth it should be cut back hard in spring, of course this also helps to put a damper on its relentless designs on world/garden domination.  Our specimen is planted in the Winter Garden, appropriately as this is the only time of year when it redeems itself, and here our very own Ice Maiden, Hero, is Queen.  Well she is welcome to this prickly marauder.  The pretty but toxic berries hanging from the stems belong to Black Bryony, much loved by the Medlar Fairy.


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One response to “Rubus cockburnianus – White Stemmed Bramble

  1. Bosswoman

    Reading about this unlovely plant makes me wonder why do we give it house room?

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