A slight cracking noise

The other day I thought I heard a slight cracking noise coming from the vicinity of the woods.  It was during a big storm so I decided that it would be prudent to store this sound away in a happy place and investigate at some other time, probably, if I remembered, or I was in the vicinity, so I did.

Today myself and Bossman went to investigate the source of this noise and this is what we found, oops!  A gurt big tree had come down bringing two smaller ones with it.  Luckily they had fallen well and were pretty secure (we have to be especially careful here due to our surfeit of gravity) but just to be certain BM with his new “easy start” chainsaw had a cursory tidy whilst I hid behind a still intact tree.  I never said I was brave.


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  1. Alex

    Wow! Lucky break!

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