Furry Magnolia

After not the best of days yesterday things today came back into perspective, my mood has returned to rosy and I must admit it was not quite complete disaster I implied it was, once a drama queen always a drama queen.  Myself and Hero had a very productive morning, comfy on our flowery sofa, planning the garden’s summer displays which include troughs, urns and hanging baskets and some border areas (sounds grander than it is).  We try to ring the changes every year and are also attempting to minimise the annual planting in the beds by progressively planting more perennials.  Although there are many beautiful and varied annuals available this form of gardening can be quite high maintenance and as you may have gathered “less stress” is the motto here.  So we trawled the catalogues, which in the way that swallows are the harbingers of summer proclaim the approach of spring as they plop through the letter box in their flocks.  We made lists, crossed things out, added more and debated the pros and cons of hanging green stuff (me naff, Hero ace). In the end we had a fully evolved plan.  All that remains is to order the plug plants, sow the seeds, nurture both plants and seeds, plant out and hope they don’t get eaten.  Easy.

This photo is of the trunk of our Magnolia soulangeana “Alba” with its furry coat of moss.  If you were ever going to hug a tree this one looks like it would be the one to try.


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  1. Bosswoman

    It disturbs me how often I see a photo on the blog and wonder where the devil it is in the garden. So?

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