Year of the Dragon

Today in our own small way we celebrated the Chinese Year of the Dragon.  Damage brought fortune cookies (good old Lidl) which contained puzzling “fortunes” due to the fact they had been translated from German into, well nonsense really, but gave us something to ponder on.   Medlar Fairy brought Chinese New Year Cake which looked incredibly like christmas cake, who would have thought the Chinese liked royal icing and fir tree decorations.   I supplied the green tea and the, totally inappropriate but best I could muster at short notice, supermarket sushi (well closeish).  So to further mark the auspicious year I present the most dragon related plant I could find in the garden.

This glowing shrub is Coprosma “Fire Burst”.   It lives in the Road Bank border where a lot of our more exotic plants grow, such as hedychium, cannas and dahlia, which on the whole are a bit slow to get going, resulting in a somewhat minimal look early in the season.  To try and remedy this we have included some evergreen structural plants which add a bit of interest before the glory boys and girls take over.  This is one of the fillers, which is a bit unfair as it is a worthy plant in its own right.  It is at its fiery best in autumn and winter and in the spring becomes a little more muted in colour.  Then it happily blends into the background letting the others take the accolades until it is its time to shine again.



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2 responses to “Year of the Dragon

  1. hero

    suppose persicaria Red Dragon bit burntout???!!

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