Raspberry Ripple

This is Camellia japonica “Tricolour” and whilst I acknowledge that it is only a short time since I wrote about a very similar plant I offer no apology.  This is another one of my favourites, not because of its beautiful tri-coloured flowers or glossy deepest green leaves but because of the memories it invokes.  It reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream sundaes.  Not just any sundaes, specifically one of the masterpieces created at Harts Ice Cream Parlour, located on the harbourside in St Ives.  As a child in the 1970’s, and only on very special occasions, we would leave the blazing summer days that were persistent then and descend into the subterranean ice cream shop come parlour.  The walls were white tiled and tall stools stood at the narrow shelf/table that ran around two sides of the room, above this a row of mirrors maybe 2ft high reflected us back into the room.  This is how I remember it, how accurate this memory is am not sure.  What I am certain of is the heavenly combination of fresh and succulent raspberries, ice cream the likes of which you have never and will never taste, and of course unctuous clotted cream.  Pure decadence and to me the height of sophistication.  This emporium is long gone, replaced I believe with a pizza take away, and with it the magic and the secret ice cream recipe.  Yet when I walk past this lovely plant I almost get an inkling or half a taste or perhaps a slight aroma ……


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  1. mum

    Happy days there is nothing wrong with your raspberry ripple memory.

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