Robin Cousins?

Today was day that was both productive and fun, what more can you ask of a day?  It involved things that perhaps should not be confessed to, especially to my mother.  We have an area in the garden which is known as the Rhody Bank, this should more accurately be called the Rhody Sheer Drop to Oblivion.  Brambles have quite sensibly thought this was a good place to set up residence and have been progressively annoying me as the winter has progressed.  So “Operation Get The Brambles” was launched.  This particular enterprise involved a piece of rope knotted around my waist, wrapped around a worryingly young oak tree and held onto by a gallant Hero.  Before we proceed let me point out that laughing and mildly dangerous situations are not always the best bedfellows.  After a successful expedition into vertical weed control and my triumphant emergence, it transpired that the rope was no longer attached (you can never find a boy scout when you need them).  Hero had been bracing herself for my rapid decent for naught.    All that bracing for nothing, what a waste.

We try to provide a complete range of facilities for our wildlife at Cliffe, including, as you can see here, an ice skating rink for the birds.


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  1. medlarfairy

    Rhody Oh!

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