The Prodigal Sun

What important thing does this photo of my shadow tell you?  No, not that I need to cut out the pies – how rude, its thermal layering!  What it illustrates is the wonderous event that occurred yesterday – the sun returned to the garden.  Throughout the winter us inhabitants of Mordor gaze longingly across the valley to the land of Oz (am I mixing my films references here?) which is bathed in sunshine.  Well the sun has now returned to us and although it was only a sliver and didn’t stay for long it was welcomed with open arms.  It represents a corner turned on the road towards spring. We celebrated by sowing anthirrhnum, (that’s one for the spelling bee), aubergine and scotch bonnet peppers.

Of course there will be no sun in the garden today.  That is because whilst the rest of the country is battling with snow we have torrential rain.  This time I am not cursing our prolonged downpour, it should thaw our solid ground and allow us to do some “proper” gardening next week.  Time is marching on and we open to the public in eight weeks, which sounds simultaneously both a long time and imminent.


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