Galanthus “Atkinsii” – Snowdrop

It would be criminal not to mention the snowdrop before winter is over, a bit predictable perhaps but nonetheless always a welcome arrival in the winter garden.  This cultivar is Galanthus “Atkinsii” which is tall and elegant and fresh and tough and not bad-looking either.  This year they have been nibbled a bit, I suspect by the cosy molluscs but I haven’t actually caught one at it.  Guilty until proven innocent.  There are 314 different species/varieties/cultivars listed in the RHS Plantfinder and I would imagine there is a fair amount of repetition, except of course to the expert.   There are a happy band out there called Galanthophiles who are obsessed with these little flowers and travel up and down the country visiting collections and adding to their own.  Rare bulbs are sold for mega money, sometimes hundreds of pounds, frequently tens of pounds.  Each to their own.

A great day to be a gardener today.  Cold but clear and dry and, although a heavy frost is forecast for tonight, it was the first time I have felt a hint of spring.  Not quite within reach but definitely in sight.  The birds were particularly chatty, perhaps they had the same feeling.



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4 responses to “Galanthus “Atkinsii” – Snowdrop

  1. Alan Bannister

    Before the winters over!!? We still have significant amount of snow covering the snowdrops and they are still in tight bud. Strange thing is that my snowflakes have been in flower for a couple of weeks. I could have sworn they normally come out late Feb. Most odd.

  2. I would never be comfortable collecting snowdrops – something too finickety about it; but I never tire of seeing them.

    (How do you spell ‘finickety’?

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