Another Day at the Office

Winter is always much physically harder than summer and today was a fine example.  We were in the frozen wilderness brambling.  Of course I don’t mean collecting scrumptious fruit I mean digging the blighters up.  We have a tool that is perfect for this purpose.  It is like a little mattock, perhaps it is called a mattette, if not it should be.  Anyway it is light enough to swing for a few hours but heavy enough to do some damage.  The resultant prickly mass was dragged along to the middle compost area and thrown over the bank, in theory landing at the bonfire site.  In practice it mostly stuck its claws out, coming to a stand still about a foot from the top.  Initially this meant clambering down and giving the spiteful tumbleweed a shove, ultimately it became one of lifes unavoidable miseries.  We did unveil enough space to rehome two hydrangeas from death row which will be done tomorrow, weather permitting.  I have everything crossed that the snow wont reach us.  As I have got a new waterproof jacket I don’t mind if it rains, but just for tomorrow.

Before all this frantic activity we set the seed potato to chit.  This year we decided on Swift (first early) and Toluca, Nadine and Linda (all second earlies).  These were carefully chosen from an extensive range for their season, their disease resistance, their range of cooking uses and of course their nice names.


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