Grindelia chiloensis

As it turned out the weather today just about permitted the rescue of the interned hydrangeas.  We planted these rescued shrubs in the recently cleared area above the summer-house azalea bed.  The hydrangeas were cut back hard, no flowers this year, but it will enable the newly liberated plants to put their roots down and establish themselves in their newly discovered freedom.  This also ensures that the top heavy plants, after such a severe root prune, will not topple over. When I say “we planted” I actually mean Hero.  I acted as a diligent and true labourer for her, digging up the said hydrangeas from Death Row, hoiking a wheelbarrow full of leaf mould and compost from the bonfire area and being water monitor.  This worked out well, we rarely work together, this is what suits us and maintains a happy team.  We either work separately or on the same job with separate tasks, side by side seldom happens.  Apart from the hazard of excessive chatology we work at different paces in different ways.

This ragged yellow daisy is Grindelia chiloensis, a subshrub from Argentina and Chile.  Its classic daisy shaped flowers quite rightly indicate it is a member of the Asteraceae.  It is currently clinging valiantly onto its last few flowers and sticky buds.  These buds are covered with a white resin which is used industrially in the production of many products such as rubber, paints, inks and glues.  Medicinally it is an anti-inflamatory and used in the relief of rheumatism and arthritis. In an ideal world it enjoys full sun, well drained poor/moderately fertile soil.  It tends to loll about a bit which is perfect for the edge of the Tennis Court border.  This is not a picture of it at its prime, but at this time of year, quite frankly, who is?


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