Away Day

Today Hero and myself had an extremely satisfactory day at Marwood Hill Gardens.  This was an event organised by Plant Heritage and consisted of a lecture by Dr Julian Sutton on “The Secret Lives of Bulbs and Corms” (I do so love a secret), a wander around this fabulous garden (dripping with snowdrops at the moment) and after a magnificent lunch a master class in propagation.  As I am incredibly well organised (ha!) and Dr Sutton is also Mr Desirable Plants I made an advanced order to pick up a few of my “desires” at the venue.  This was to avoid the inevitable bun fight that always ensues at these events, let me tell you these people are ferocious!  Amazing how clever one can be where plant shopping is involved.  As he said “no packing for us, no postage for you”,  perfecto!  We met some lovely people, had apple crumble and custard for pudding, laughed enough to hurt, won the quiz and the raffle.  Does a day get any better?

On the subject of propagation, isn’t it wonderful when a plan comes to fruition.  I took these root cuttings a couple of weeks ago and hey presto lots of baby anchusas.  I don’t care what anyone says, just like electricity and flying, it really is magic.


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