Lists and Glittery Rose Cup Cakes

First thing today I dusted off the List Book.  With a sharpened pencil I wrote the following:

Jobs to be Completed by the End of the Week

Prune blackcurrants/gooseberries, weed and mulch

Weed strawberries, feed and cover

Rescue raspberries

Finish hydrangeas

Cut back, weed, mulch TCB as far as middle rose

I even underlined the title twice, meaning “beware strict and non negotiable list written below”.  No shilly shallying, no prevarication, no diversions or excuses, we were just to get on with the matter in hand.  As we used to say “If it’s not on the list it doesn’t exist”.  To be honest it is me who is the chief culprit of diversion.  I can go the potting shed for a trowel, return half an hour later with a fork and in the meantime have cut back something that has caught my eye, taken some cuttings and chatted to a visitor.  But today I was to be focused and methodical.  This was the Master Plan.

Well that was until a very pale and poorly looking Hero arrived and had to be sent home to bed (after a nice cup of tea of course).  It was to be quite a different day to the one I imagined.  Still I consulted the list, and although I didn’t actually manage to strike through any of the items I did manage to get the worst part of the TCB done and half of the strawberries sorted.  Of course I also took some rescue cuttings (unlikely to strike but where there’s life there’s hope), sowed some seed, chopped some ivy, wrestled some brambles …..

I also ate the most delicious cupcake, smothered with rose flavoured icing, sprinkled with glitter.  Thank you Medlar Fairy.  And Get Well Soon Hero.



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3 responses to “Lists and Glittery Rose Cup Cakes

  1. mum

    It must be nice having a fairy living at the bottom of the garden. Poor Hero hope she gets well soon.

  2. hero

    feeling better thanks mum…sure cupcake would have helped!!

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